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A 2011 Example We Won't Forget:

2 Friends Reunited


At the beginning of December 2011 co-owner Salvatore Belcaro (pictured below) was pleasantly surprised by a message that was submitted through this website. When Salvatore lived in Italy, he had a good friend named Giovanni. They haven't been in touch with each other for more than 20 years. Giovanni still lives in Italy and "found" Salvatore on this website. Dominick Gualtieri, also co-owner of Fancy Bagels, feels very happy for both of them.

Fancy Bagels has been a family owned and operated eatery business since 1988. It started in Farmington, then expanded to Southington.


Relatives of co-owner Salvatore Belcaro started the business and co-owner Dominick Gualtieri joined the business as a baker after graduating from high school. Both Belcaro and Gualtieri own the two locations now.


The owners still use the original "secret recipe" when making bagels. But the excellent customer service provided by the staff of Fancy Bagels is no secret at all. Some regular customers won't have breakfast or lunch anywhere else.


Belcaro and Gualtieri are still excited that two newspapers previously ran articles about their business. You can read about the history of Fancy Bagels and the wholesale bagel business they operate. Click on one of the thumbnails to get started.


Salvatore Belcaro (left) and Dominick Gualtieri are the co-owners of the Fancy Bagels eateries in Farmington and Southington, CT.

The Fancy Bagels Eateries Are Family Owned and Operated


It's All About the Bagels.
It's also All About the Customers.

Read a great article about Fancy Bagels that ran in the Southington edition of The Observer, December 28, 2001.

Read another story about Fancy Bagels that ran in Southington LIFE, February 2008.

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